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Genesis Codeby de Venoge

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A new disruptive champagne brand by Champagne De Venoge. The most prestigious Champagne house since 1837. Founded in 1837 by Henri-Marc de Venoge, the wines of the house are known for being exceptionally prestigious.


The beginning

In the year 2018, a pair of close friends embarked on a mission to revolutionize the world of champagne.

With a shared commitment to collaborating exclusively with the most esteemed champagne establishment globally, they connected with Champagne de Venoge. They enthusiastically shared their innovative concepts for shaking up the champagne industry with Gilles de la Bassetière, the President of Champagne de Venoge.

In a bold move that embraces the future, Genesis Code by de Venoge introduces exclusive digital features, revolutionizing the champagne experience for discerning connoisseurs.

Genesis Code

Champagne de Venoge

Following a conversation about cutting-edge technology from around the globe and savoring some of De Venoge’s cherished, renowned champagnes, the concept of merging the two worlds evolved into the most groundbreaking champagne endeavor to date.

And so, Genesis Code came into existence, marking itself as the world’s sole champagne that shimmers to life through the language of binary code.

Genesis Code by de Venoge Genesis Code by de Venoge Genesis Code by de Venoge

taste the universe taste the universe taste the universe


Genesis Code 1

After half a decade of dedicated coding and meticulous champagne aging, Genesis Code by Champagne de Venoge succeeded in upending the conventional champagne landscape.

Genesis Code, a novel and disruptive champagne label by Champagne De Venoge, emerges from the illustrious heritage of Champagne De Venoge, which has held the pinnacle of prestige since its establishment in 1837.

[ Characteristics ]
  • Champagne Brut AOC
  • Genesis Code 1
  • Blanc de Blancs
  • APPELLATION Champagne
  • Dosage Brut
  • Country France
  • Region Champagne
  • Grape Chardonnay 100%
  • Ageing 5 years on lees
  • format 0,75L
  • Aromas Lemon, Cedar
  • Aromas Elderberry flowers
  • Aromas Yeast, Iodine
  • Alcohol Content 12%
  • Ageability Drink now through 2040
  • Giftbox Included

Stay Tuned There’s more to come. Stay Tuned There’s more to come.